Gm5321 lf схема

gm5321 lf схема
Notes: • While re-assembling, make sure that all cables are placed and connected in their original position. All other TCON boards come with the LCD panel and should be swapped together as one entity. Caution: Failure to follow these guidelines can For easy servicing of a TV set, the set should be put face down seriously damage the display! on a soft flat surface, foam buffers or other specific workshop Ensure that ESD safe measures are taken. Failure to do so may result in damaging the SSB. Page 17 Mechanical Instructions L11M1.1L LA EN 17 4.4.4 Stand removal 1. Remove the four fixation screws. 2. Take the stand out in a downwards direction. 4.4.5 Stand bracket removal Refer to Figure 4-10 for details. When using foam bars take care that these always support the cabinet and never only the display. Toate componentele sunt 100% ponentele sunt comercializate pentru : firme de profil care executa reparatii, pentru «self repair» si hobby. Nu furnizam alte date tehnice, scheme sau datasheet-uri, sugestii de echivalente sau de reparatii.

Page 18 EN 18 L11M1.1L LA Mechanical Instructions 19150_011_110512.eps 110512 Figure 4-14 LCD Panel removal -2- Set Re-assembly To re-assemble the whole set, execute all processes in reverse order. Нам тоже приходится выполнять сложные тайные ритуалы для того, чтоб вновь вдохнуть жизнь в умершее создание. Телевизор как новый (если можно так сказать про аппарат десятилетней давности). На всё про всё ушло 25 минут. Thriller sets (xxPFL3x06D/xx) in the 40″ range are described. however have an additional “Philips” TCON board (diagram • Figures can deviate slightly from the actual situation, due T01) that comes separate from the LCD panel and that should to different set executions. The error buffer will 1. System Information. not be cleared. • Op Hour: This represents the life timer.

Аккуратно зачистить мелкой наждачкой и собрать назад — минутное дело. Ваши поздравления и аплодисменты — на форум по ремонту Обсудить статью РЕМОНТ ТЕЛЕВИЗОРА LG. Для эксперимента коротим её кусочком провода и пробуем телевизор стартонуть — заработало!

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