Схема кабеля xt029 :: dell

схема кабеля xt029 :: dell
Converting from 3.0 -> 2.0 is flawless, but converting from 2.0 -> 3.0 will make your 3.0 ports active, but will only function at 2.0 speeds. USB header internal connector Used for card-edge bracket additinal USB ports and internal cardreaders. This is commonly for PC cases that have ports that don’t match the Available headers. This is very old and does not match most modern mother board usb headers.Apple pinoutsApple Fan Connector (6 pin) Late model Apple laptops, iMacs and Mac Pros have analog speed control fans. This pinout and color scheme applies to fans made by Delta Electronics, models BFB0412HB (Apple P/N 603-5520), BFB0612H (Apple P/N 603-5519), BFB0812H (Apple P/N 603-6624), and others.Apple Mac Pro dual fan connector Some Apple Mac Pros use a single 8 pin connector for two fans.

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