Nokia 1202-2 схема

nokia 1202-2 схема
Improved diagnostics of «Dead APE» and not recognized Flash chips. Your name: * Your e-mail: * Phone: Your message: * UFS3 TORNADO FLASHER + FULL UNLOCK CABLE SET ( SARAS ) The famous UFS3/Tornado from Saras has been on the market for years. New products: RM-111, RM-127 (Nokia 7380, 7360) PPM and CNT FILE_MM_TYPE report added (to handle Nokia 6230i, new HWID phones) UFS_KZF v1.8_d (HWK Required) Major and Minor bugs fixed.

New Flash update bundle support (6.44.047) UFS_LG_GSM v2.0.4 LG M4410 support added. UI functions added for LG models. New flash chips supported (Amd, Spansion, Intel, ST) Bugs in PM_Edit fixed. 64->128 conversion for Nokia BB5 phones. Direct unlock for older models. OM635xSamsung X650, X658 added. NOR Erase. New Release Release Date: 10.03.2006UFS_DCTxBB5 v1.4_e New BB5 GSM product: RM-70 (Nokia 7370) introduced. FIA 5.51.007 UFS_SAMs v1.4_x TRIDENT Samsung D720, D730, X660, X668, X800, X808 added. OM635x Samsung X490 added. SWIFT Samsung X700 added.

New Release Release Date: 30/06/2006 UFS_ATRz v2.0.1 Fixed «Wait…» bug for SonyEricsson J200, J210, Z200UFS_DCTxBB5 v2.0.1 Corrections to handle 64->128 conversion for new softwares. Option to exclude E2P part from MCU read. Please note: we may not be able to reply directly to your suggestions. Unlock of DCT4+ (BB4.1 ASIC 2 & 11) phones. Converter from 64K to 128Kb Paged CNT Files.

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